Just as the weather takes a turn for the worst here in cold, wintery Sydney, Cabbages and Kings comes to my attention and makes it all warm and bearable again. At least for little ones. Fresh out of New York, Cabbages and Kings is a multi-functional, design-conscious accessory line for kids, with their current collection comprised of infinity scarves and leg warmers. Committed to fair trade, all accessories are hand-made in Peru and come in a gorgeous array of patterns and colours, including these stunning hand-knitted turquoise leg warmers. 

Looking for a something a little different to adorn the walls with? Spineless Classics has delved into the literary world to create a series of posters using words from some of your all-time-favourites. From tales of adventure, historical and non-fiction texts, to children's classics such as this Gulliver's Travels print, Spineless Classics recreates the greats in their entirety. For those with 20/20 vision the words are perfectly legible, otherwise a little magnification is all that's needed. 

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It's no secret how much I LOVE the work of Draw! Pilgrim. She is definitely one super-talented and creative gal. So, although I'm a bit late to the table with the whole Christmas themed posts this year, (and there's only a few days to go till Dec 1) I spotted this vintage-style matchbox Advent calendar over at Pilgrim's blog and knew that you'd all love it as much as I do. Available from Pilgrim's Etsy store for only $3.50, the PDF kit comes complete with easy-to-follow templates, including faux-vintage matchbox covers and templates for making favour slips. 

Trunki definitely put the 'fun' into travelling with kids. We already have two of their fabulous ride-ons in our house so unfortunately for my two little people this one won't be making it's way through the door. However, if you're sans Trunki and planning a Christmas getaway this should definitely be at the top of your travel list. Trunki's travel toy box is a ride-on, cart-along storage case designed for 3-6 year olds.  Available in pink and blue from here.


Isn't every girl's dream to be a mermaid at some point? I remember when my own little mermaid phase started as a child, thanks to a certain 80's mermaid movie. Back then though, the only thing that turned legs into fins was the imagination. So, how totally fabulous that one eco-conscious and 'real-life' mermaid Kazzie Mahina has developed a range of Merfins to bring mermaiding to a new generation. Oceanika Merfins are designed to inspire the hearts and imaginations of little ones as they play, swim and discover the beauty of the ocean. To celebrate the launch of her brand Kazzie is offering the complete mermaid experience with the Merfin Package, including the never-before-seen mermaid monofin. Soft, flexible and functional, the monofin is safe to use with just a flick of the ankle to set legs free. Along with the matching mermaid swim tights and bikini, this package is sure to be at the top of every little girls wish-list this Christmas. 

Purrfect Summer dress from AU based label, Red Chalk. Totally in keeping with the little cat theme I seem to have going with Poppy's wardrobe. 

It's quite possible you have a 5 year old as fussy about footwear as mine is. So when an introduction to Mina shoes landed in my inbox I ran the pics past quality control. Her verdict? "Ooh, can I have them all?" If only. The sneaky eyed cat and watermelon number had her name written all over them in my humble opinion. Swedish based footwear designer, Linda, created this gorgeous range following the birth of her daughter and the trouble she had trying to find the perfect shoes for her mini-fashionista. The solution? Mina shoes. Creatively humorous, adorably cute and super comfy. 

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